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Pleased Clients

I've bought a few houses in my lifetime, and I believe your inspection was the most informative I've ever had. I appreciated how thorough you were and how you answered my questions. I think you did a wonderful job and will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs this service.
Gail S.

We contacted Tod to conduct building inspections on two properties. He was able to provide us with incredibly detailed reports. We were able to walk through everything together, and he was able to point out things that needed attention. This was our first home buying experience, so having someone that was so professional and helpful gave us great piece of mind. I would absolutely recommend Tod to anyone looking for a building inspector in Waldo County.
Jennifer T.

I hired Mr. Rosenberg to do a complete home inspection on the home that I was considering for purchase. It was a daunting task as the home was in excess of 100 years old and had many years of wear and tear. He uncovered many faulty repairs and safety issues as well as pointed out remedies for them. His prompt reply in returning calls, showing up on time and efficient manner in getting me the 47 page report was exceptional! Not only did he do the inspection and follow up with the report he took several phone calls to clarify matters that I did not understand. It was very clear that he was my Inspector through closing. If you need an inspection on a home.. new or old I highly recommend Mr. Rosenberg and his company Bay and Beyond! It's great to have such a wonderful service in our area.
 Pamela S.

Bay and Beyond Inspection Services is thorough and complete. Fairly priced. Tod goes out of his way to accommodate client’s schedules. His knowledge is second to none. I highly recommend him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Fran R.

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